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Curve Haul is an online platform uplifting the creative voices in the plus size and curve communities. We also offer our latest updates in fashion, lifestyle, and news. 

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Our Story

In January 2022, model Stella Williams launched the then Curve Haul boutique to give up-and-coming creators a chance to break into the curvy fashion spaces on the internet. In 2017, Stella got her big break after 20 months of being a struggling, unpaid creator, when she was offered a PR package from a huge plus-size brand. That moment shifted her from aspiring to a paid creator. She wanted to offer that same experience to struggling creators. After seeing the success this year in new YouTube channels and TikTok pages tagging the widely used keywords, Curve Haul, Stella knew she had something more bigger than just a boutique. After trademarking and gaining ownership of the term "Curve Haul", the Curve Haul team is more dedicated than ever to sharing the voices of all curve creators, shops we love, news in curve fashion, and much more. 

Our Team.

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