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OCTOBER 1, 2022 - Ahh, hi! Stella Williams here. I am so excited that you have found your way to the new and improved Curve Haul site. I am so ready to get into my first founder updates, so let's go.

Just so you know, Curve Haul may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them.

Wondering how I have updates on week 1? Well, if this is your first time hearing of Curve Haul, we actually used to be exclusively a clothing store. So in fact, this is the most important update we've ever done. We've learned how to have less of us and more of you. Just like we always intended. I'm thrilled. This is coming straight from my heart to this page, so if you don't follow my socials, don't be alarmed. I'm really passionate about what I do. I talk fast, get excited, and spill all the tea. I love keeping my girlies informed, and now I have a whole new platform to do so! Here you'll find my latest finds for the week and news I wanna spill. Basically a week in review. I love staying up to date on trends, so this is my place to do so.

1. New Shapewear

Let's start with my new favorite shapewear company. Not spons but I'm actually obsessed with this brand I discovered this week, Pinsy Shapewear. I was clowned this week on TikTok for being so late to the game. I am here to save anyone else, like me, the embarrassment of not knowing the brand. I loved the idea at first because the brand's whole thing is "cute shapewear", basically shapewear that you can also wear as clothing. I thought the shit was genius. After trying it for myself, I became obsessed with the lacy piece, but my YouTube subscribers seem to enjoy the classic green piece more. You can judge for yourself.

You can check out Pinsy Shapewear here and if you like anything, feel free to take 10% off with code STELLAWILLIAMS (not spons).

My Instagram Reel has gone pretty viral too, check it out!

Okay and here's the green one people loved more.

What do you think?

  • Lace Piece

  • Green Piece

2. Launch Date

Y'all I am so excited to talk about this! I am really spiritual and after so many days of prayer, God gave me this renovated site you're seeing. Curve Haul was just a boutique before this incredible machine you're reading today. The boutique was cool, but I'm sure a lot of y'all can relate to how hard it is to start a business in the middle of a recession. yeah, not fun. Actually, it was kinda fun but really expensive. I started the original Curve Haul January 15th, 2022, before our impending economic decline. Over the course of the year, the economic impact was hurting my customers, my business, and the influencers I was trying to help with their platforms. I started the OG Curve Haul to send girls PR packages to give them a leg up in the creator space. Some tea, even if you work with one brand, other companies are more inclined to work with you too. ( Plugging my free mentorship shamelessly launching October 16th.) So that was my whole plan, which actually worked, just became too expensive to upkeep. I have some pretty amazing followers and they were pouring into Curve Haul, which went all to creators and my employees. So I would like to say thank you for not only believing in me, but the amazing girls you got thousands of views, paid brand deals, and exposure just from the one PR package we were able to send. We were even able to pay some micro-influencers! It really was the leg-up so many girls needed. Shit, now I'm crying.

Anywho, this is why you'll still see our store here, plus affiliate links in blogs, etc. If you choose to shop from our links something you like, it does fund our creators and operation. If shopping isn't your thing, please feel free to follow and support any creators you resonate with that you meet through our platform. Every connection is one away from changing these girls' lives. Each of my followers impacts me in one way or another, and one DM you may send may change theirs. End goal: give exposure and opportunity to as many creators as possible. This is a pretty nice shift for our company and I'm excited to see all the places we'll go, together.

3. Big Bottom Bash - Big Bottom Behavior

This one I am so excited for. In fact, the event may still be going on while you're reading this. I am absolutely so proud to be from San Antonio, TX. Houston, here I come! When BBB invited me to speak at the Big Bottom Bash this year, of course the answer was YES! My first Big Bottom Bash was in 2019 and it was the most liberating and body-positive thing I've ever done. I of course will have more updates next week for you, and PICTURES! Enjoy shopping these homemade, high quality, assless chaps until then.

Shop the collection here.

3. New York

I cannot wait to tell you about New York! Last week, I took a spontaneous trip to the big apple. Well, it wasn't so spontaneous. I was supposed to attend Rolling Loud as VIP with Fashion Nova that weekend, but I completely spaced and remembered one day before the event. yikes. I rallied the girls, but trying to plan a last-minute trip for a whole weekend spiked my anxiety to heights I was no longer comfortable with.

So we decided to keep our original plans to head to the O's game on Saturday in Baltimore and do a day trip to NYC on Sunday. We would then decide if we wanted to attend the last day of Rolling Loud when we got there... I could handle that.

Sunday morning rolled around, we packed up the car and headed to the city that never sleeps (spoiler alert: post-COVID, this city definitely sleeps now... so weird.) This was my first time driving in the city and I quite liked how easy it was to get into the city, but so damn expensive to go through that tunnel. From now on, train it is.

We decided on the trip to skip Rolling Loud, my requirements to go were pretty intense for my forgetful mind, so we passed on the workload. Anyways, 2/3 of us had never been to Broadway, so that was the plan. We found this place called TKTS with same-day Broadway tickets for a fraction of the cost. We actually found three tickets in the orchestra for the price of one ticket full-price for the seats we got. Literally, never pay full price, I promise! Disclaimer: sometimes the show you want to see will sell out. I think it's worth the risk, go early! We saw Beetlejuice with the assistance of the recently legalized cannabis in the great city of New York... 10/10 experience.

Lastly, Karyna and Sarita had never been to the Empire State Building. When Harry Met Sally, HELLO?! I told them we had to wait until the nighttime. We explored the Upper East Side and headed to the ESB. I was really excited to go just because their TikTok account is one of my favorites to follow. The journey was so beautiful but I am so happy we went when we did. It looked like a monsoon when we got back downstairs. Everything is in divine timing. We had such a wonderful time. I love New York so much and now the girlies are with me in Houston by the time you're reading this. P.S. They met each other the morning of New York! Wild.

5. Barbiecore

Last update for the day, Barbiecore. I first want to shout out my YouTube subscribers for being patient with me while I live my pink Barbie fantasies. Pretty much every haul I've done the last two months is thrown up with pink. I'm thinking of going back blonde just to complete the aesthetic. What. do you think?

Are we feeling the blonde?

  • Yes Barbie!

  • Keep it dark

Enjoy some of my recent Barbiecore videos!

Good American Barbiecore

Shop the Video:

1. Bodysuit - here

2. Jeans - here

3. Dress - here

4. Green Jacket - here

5. Pink Purse (similar) - here

6. White Sweater - here

7. Black Jeans - here 8. Black Purse - here

SKIMS Barbiecore

Shop the video:

1. One Piece Bodysuit - here

2. Triangle Top - here

3. Pink Bikini Bottoms - here

4. Swim Dress - here

5. Biker Shorts - here

6. Swim Skirt - here

7. White Bikini top - here

8. White Bikini Bottom - here

Well, that's all for today. I can't wait to see you next week. For my friends in Florida. I hope you're staying safe. For my girlies interested in being featured on Curve Haul, the interest form is located here.

Love and Light,

Stella Williams

Founder - Curve Haul


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