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Curve Haul's Up Next: Influencers

October 28, 2022 Each week, the Curve Haul team puts together a list of creators we feel you should watch! This list is updated every Tuesday. If you haven't already, make sure to read the article of our creator of the week here.

Just so you know, Curve Haul may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them.

Table of Contents:

1. SpiceIslandGoddess

2. Kayla Markland

3. Ariana Venti

4. Mekaweaver

5. Crystal Arroyo

6. itshannahduhhhhh

7. Maria Paula

8. Carman

9. champagneyannii

10. zireesun

1. Chels Chels - @spiceislandgoddess

Spiceislandgoddess is an aspiring plus size influencer that we think you should watch! She is a mom, for all who can relate. She is really big on self love and being body positive. My favorite thing about her is that she's an island girl. We love watching people who love themselves. Follow her here.


2. Kayla Markland - @KaylaMarkland

Kayla is a new creator who shows us some amazing makeup looks we can only wish to recreate. Our favorite thing about Kayla, over everything else, is her sharing of peace. We like to watch her evolutions in her art as well. Watching her feels inspiring to us to reach our goals! Find her on Instagram.


3. Ariana Venti - @arianaventi93

Ariana is definitely a TikToker to watch with her over 100,000 followers. Her content is completely relatable and addicting to watch. This leo creator uploads very frequently of topics that will be sure to have you laugh. She also shows off her bold style on Instagram which we are totally inspired by. Find her on TikTok and Instargram.


4. Meka Weaver - @mykaweaver

Meka Weaver's IG feed is to die for! She is incredibly consistent in posting outfits we only wish we could pull off. To contrast her stylish personality, her TikTok is super relatable and feels like an honest FaceTime call. Make sure to follow her Instagram and TikTok.

Shop the Look:

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5. Crystal Arroyo - @crystalarroyo16


Crystal is a TikToker that we enjoy vibing with. Storytimes and fun videos, we can't wait to see where the app takes her! Follow her TikTok here.

6. Hannah Manuelito- @itshannahduhhhhh

Hannah's personality is so infectious and we can't get enough. Hannah has a captivating way to show us her personality, and her talents! Hannah's fashion and makeup content is such a refreshing way to enjoy the apps. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram.


7. Maria Paula - @recochavibes

Maria is inspiring us all, with her over 300,000 TikTok followers, to help women reclaim their bodies through movement. She is inspiring us to get up and free ourselves from within with movement.

Follow Maria on TikTok and Instagram.


8. Carman - @carrrrrrrman

Carman is inspiring the world through her choreography. The DC raised dancer is showing us her skill, and moves, on TikTok where we can go and get moving! Follow her TikTok here.


9. Yanni - @champagneyannii

Yanni is a wonderful creator to watch if you're into travel. You'll want to keep up with Yanni on her adventures of style, love, and lifestyle. Make sure to watch a few of her viral TikToks too. Follow her Instagram and TikTok.


10. Dez - @zireesun

We are definitely watching Dez! She has music under the name Ziree Sun that we should all be listening too. She has definitely branded herself in such unique way that we are obsessed with trying to keep up. Dez also performs drag, so you'll be enertained.

Follow Dez on Instagram and TikTok.

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