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Daffne Hiney - Creator of the Week

October 24, 2022 In today's post, we are introducing you to Daffne Hiney, @Daffnem_, from College Station, TX. We update our Creator of the Week every Monday. To be considered for this award, or our Up Next: Influencer weekly list, click here.

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“I’m known for displaying confidence and positivity outwardly through my style which helps develop pride in my ability to persevere and face my fears of rejection."

Please enjoy our interview as we get to know Daffne Hiney.

1. Can you briefly walk us through your story? How did you get started and what made you choose to become an influencer?

I’m a plus size Latina content creator and aspiring model who loves all beauty and fashion. I started as a makeup artist behind cameras, but honestly seeing the lack of representation of bodies like mine motivated me to start creating. I felt inspired by other creators acting as a voice for the plus size community and feel like it’s my turn to speak up.

2. Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some struggles you’ve faced along the way?

I have been facing difficulties commonly associated with imposter syndrome. Negative comments sometimes make me second-guess myself but I’ve discovered large aspect of this is internal, meaning that you control the outcome as long as you don’t overthink it or talk yourself out of it.

3. We’d love to learn more about your work. What are you known for? What are you most proud of?

I’m known for displaying confidence and positivity outwardly through my style which helps develop pride in my ability to persevere and face my fears of rejection. What sets me apart from others is my sense of identity. From an early age I was immersed in multiple cultures. I built my sense of self as a young adult while learning how to navigate the complications associated with living in two different worlds. One of my dreams is to create a plus size community in Texas and host different types of events such as pool parties and cocktail hours in effort to build the community. I recently made a video introducing this idea and received so much feedback from people wanting to participate and contribute. Additionally, I centralized communication among them and encouraged them to franchise the idea in their own cities.

4. Who are the biggest influences in your career?

Some of my biggest influences are friends I’ve made along the way. Some of them are: Xochi Míreles, Lizette Martínez, Priscilla Del Castillo, Hilda Franco and my husband who is my cheerleader and biggest supporter.

5. Who are some of your fashion inspirations?

My biggest fashion inspirations are Jessica Torres and Abby Bible.

Shop the Looks:

1. Jessica Torres - @ThisIsJessicaTorres

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2. Abby Bible - @TheAbbyBible

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6. What are some of your favorite places to find plus size clothing?

My favorite places to find clothing are: ASOS, Finesse, Rebdolls and thrift stores.

7. Do you have any piece of advice that can help someone start doing what you do?

I’m looking to build my portfolio with modeling and working with photographers. Also doing more fashion style content collabs. I’m very easy to reach via email, always very open to connecting! Sharing with other people my content or a simple like is one of the biggest ways to feel supported.

8. How can people work with you, collaborate with you or support you?

To work with me or collaborate email is usually best! If you want to support me reposting or sharing my content to reach your audience is so appreciated. Honestly even just watching it or giving it a like means the world!

Find Daffne on her social media:

  1. Instagram - @Daffnem_

  2. TikTok - @Daffnem

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