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Lisa Marie - Creator of the Week

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

October 1, 2022 In today's post, we are introducing you to Lisa Marie @SheIsAlwaysEnough, from San Antonio, TX. We update our Creator of the Week every Monday. To be considered for this award, or our Up Next: Influencer weekly list, click here.

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“I genuinely appreciate everyone on my page who supports me on my journey to heal/grow/and inspire.”

Please enjoy our interview as we get to know Lisa Marie.

1. Can you briefly walk us through your story? How did you get started and what made you choose to become an influencer?

My story started in 2017 on Instagram. I had been contemplating the idea of starting an Instagram to inspire people to love themselves a little more. I finally took the plunge with one goal and that was to help at least one person like their bodies a little more. Being a mother of 2 girls I know first hand what body image has done to millions of humans around the world. I started the page and it took off more quickly than I had planned. I found other people were able to relate or see themselves through my photos or the words I had written in the captions. Growing up in a time where you only saw a certain body type on commercials/ TV/ magazines there were certain things I thought I couldn't wear because I didn't look like those people. I realized this was bullshit and the more I show others styles/looks on my body then they might gain confidence in themselves. Fashion is so diverse and personal how beautiful the world would be if we were not held back based on what we thought we were supposed to dress like.

2. Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some struggles you’ve faced along the way?

My journey has been an interesting one. Since my page gained traction so quickly and strongly it was bound to slow down at one point. When that happened I realized that it was taking more of a mental toll on me than I thought that it would. I was questioning my value because of that and wondering what I was doing wrong. I decided to take a hiatus from social media which lasted a significant amount of time. I decided to come back with a different outlook on social media. That my value is not tied into likes and follows.

3. We’d love to learn more about your work. What are you known for? What are you most proud of?

I would say that I am mainly known for my passion for the body positive/ neutral movement. I am really proud of myself honestly. As a lot of influencers will know, putting yourself out there for judgment when you're being vulnerable is scary. It takes guts to put yourself on the chopping block for the sake of helping others love themselves a little more. I have been featured in multiple online articles. I am most proud of the article involving my journey to loving my stretch marks when we live in a society that shames them. That was the hardest part of myself to accept because I had never seen anyone love or be proud of theirs. I genuinely appreciate everyone on my page who supports me on my journey to heal/grow/and inspire. I have done so many collabs with companies who are inclusive and that is an absolute must have for me.

4. Who are your biggest influences in your career?

Influencers for me are more so actions by people than simply people. I know that sounds confusing, let me clarify. I am influenced by stories of regular people who do brave things. The people that know something is going to be uncomfortable or hard and they do it anyway. I see those moments of bravery and authentic behavior and it's so inspiring to me. Sometimes it is the girl in my class that danced with the boy who everyone was making fun of at homecoming. It is the person who comforted a total stranger who was sobbing on the side of the road. It is the person who stood up to their boss and quit their job because they were not being respected. It is the plus size girl in a bikini who wore it in spite of her insecurities. These are the moments which inspire me.

5. Who are some of your fashion inspirations?

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6. What are some of your favorite places to find plus size clothing?

ASOS, Eloquii, Altar'd State, C’EST D and I do a lot of thrifting as well.

7. Do you have any piece of advice that can help someone start doing what you do?

My biggest piece of advice is to make sure that you have a clear and realistic goal in mind. There are not nice people on the internet and they will show the ugliest sides of themselves behind the screen. Do not let the negativity of others stop you from going for it. Keep going even if things aren't going as fast as you want them to. Make genuine connections with your followers let them know you appreciate them and their support. Find local creators and set up content days trust me having someone there to take pictures for you is way easier then setting up a tripod. Get outside your comfort zone because you will be most successful there. Be authentic people will appreciate it. There really is only one of you in the whole world.

8. How can people work with you, collaborate with you or support you?

DMs are always open as well as my email for collaborations. Honestly, I love when followers share with me something that impacted them that I have shared, it's a big warm and fuzzy for me.

9. Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Thank you so much for featuring me! I had a lot of fun answering these questions and it also gave me a little reminder as to why I started my page. Showing support of other creators and influencers is such a beautiful space. I hope that anyone reading this and feels the push to put themselves out there does! It can be such a fun experience.

Find Lisa Marie on her social media:

  1. Instagram - @SheIsAlwaysEnough

  2. TikTok - @SheIsAlwaysEnough

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