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Ofentse Kekae - Creator of the Week

November 8, 2022 In today's post, we are introducing you to Ofentse @theerealfentse, from Rustenburg, Mogwase in North West South Africa. We update our Creator of the Week every Monday. To be considered for this award, or our Up Next: Influencer weekly list, click here.

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“This quote "charity begins at home" is amplified more than what it represents, it also resonates with the love, support, and courage you're given from home. It really builds you and that's exactly how big it impacted me from home to the outside world. "

Please enjoy our interview as we get to know Ofentse Kekae.

1. Can you briefly walk us through your story? How did you get started and what made you choose to become an influencer?

When I look back to my days in middle school and high school, I realize how much I loved my body. Where I didn't understand the difference between big and small because of the love I was given, and taught to embrace myself, at home. Not much in the outside world could do to dent it. I had the best parents who reminded me daily how beautiful I was. It grew on me and it shaped me into the person I am today, who can loudly love themselves and understand how each part of her body needs to be loved. This quote "charity begins at home" is amplified more than what it represents, it also resonates with the love, support, and courage you're given from home. It really builds you and that's exactly how big it impacted me from home to the outside world.

When I lost my parents on 05/07/2020/2021 life took a different turn, lost much of my business, and any hope to pursue entrepreneurship was clouded by grief and hurt. I felt a lot of the "what ifs" and "why me" questions. That it put me in a corner where I didn't really have left in me but to turn to social media for a pick me up. A healthier way of dealing with hurt and all hope was restored this year. I can fairly say my journey of being a content creator started this year in 2022, I only got to take it seriously and understand the business concept of it beyond it just posting on social media. As a big girl, even though the love I embraced on a daily at home, I longed for representation with my body growing up, I wanted to see someone who looked just like me on the screen.

It took one simple picture to blow up and that's when I got to see that face and body I've longed to see this year making positive rounds on social media, that's when I knew this was my chance to work with everything in me to make it even better than what it initially started as.

I chose to make more from the title "social media content creator", and with daily learning and research, I was able to realize how broad this industry is, and eventually there's a seat at the table for anyone who wants to be in it.

2. Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some struggles you’ve faced along the way?

It was really not a smooth transition and journey as I had to encounter a huge dry season with no work or activity on my side, with no monthly income I had to push to make it through regardless. My main struggles were being unemployed while trying to be a content creator. It definitely was not the easiest, but it's possible. Also, I struggled with finding my niche at the beginning with how to place myself and grow my channel with one simple focus because I was all over the place trying to make ends meet.

I found my space and niche in Fashion, skincare, and brand promotions that are in alignment with what I do. I'm a plus size woman busy finding her feet in the fashion industry. I'm mostly known for fashion clothing, brand promotions, making short #ootd videos on TikTok, and posting snaps of the outfit on IG or Facebook.

3. We’d love to learn more about your work. What are you known for? What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of my growth, how huge I've grown and in a short space of time. I got the opportunity to work with both South African and international brands, the same brands I used to look up to, now I get to work with them. I recently got featured on an online radio show and "Now This".

Honestly that to me is God's work in my life, he keeps showing up and directing my life in his path and it has been amazing.

4. Who are the biggest influences in your career?

My biggest social media influence in content creation is Talitha Jane (@Talithajane on socials), she may be younger than me but she's paved a way for me with her online support. Her YouTube advive on what is it to do and how to do it. The way she grew herself, and her work ethic, have shown how huge one can do in life with the amount of hard work you put in and also how badly you want it.

My fashion influencers are many but to mention a few it's Na0, the Stella Williams, Yoliswa_Mqoco, sooorofhiwa , Kummy.motaung and the Mongake twins. I like their sense of styles so much. They are so different, and yet all so beautiful and unique.

6. What are some of your favorite places to find plus size clothing?

Trying to find something that looks sexy and modern for a plus size girl at a normal shop was hard. I found shopping online to be more convenient. My favorite spots to shop at are SHEIN, FASHIONNOVA, REBDOLLS, KNOWFASHION, BLOOMCHIC AND GOOD AMERICAN. Personally, they're exceptional and really cater to us as plus size women too, it doesn't limit us on fashion and they create more to choose from for your own specific style.

Shop from Ofentse's favorite stores:

1. Rebdolls:

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7. Do you have any piece of advice that can help someone start doing what you do?

If I were to advise anyone who wanted to get in on this, it'd be go for it sis/bro. Don't limit yourself and you can never know the amount of power you have in yourself until you try. The biggest risk in life is not taking a risk, you risk it every day by letting fear drive you. Yes, days will be tough, and some days will make you wish you never started, but giving up can never be an option. So I will tell you today, go for it, take the leap and faith of a mustard seed and push for it and you'll be surprised how amazing and great it will be for you on the other side.

8. How can people work with you, collaborate with you or support you?

If anyone wants to work with me and collaborate with me, they can reach me on my email, or DM me on Instagram. It will also mean much by following me, engaging, and if you have any questions about starting this journey and how I get to approach brands then you are most welcome to DM me too.

Find Ofentse on her social media:

Instagram: @theerealfentse

Facebook: Ofentse Kekae (Both page and personal profile)

Tiktok: @theerealfentse

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